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Anacostia Family Success Center by Martha's Table

Martha’s Table at The Commons is expanding its community-driven services to better support children and youth, families, and individuals living in Anacostia and surrounding neighborhoods. The center is a one-stop-shop that offers comprehensive resources in health, wellness, education, parenting, and workforce readiness. At the Center, you will meet a passionate team of people who know, love, and stand ready to support their Ward 8 neighbors. Martha’s Table is part of a network...


Category: Care Money Education

Eligibility: Parents Families

Career Services & Workforce Development by YWCA National Capital Area

We are excited to offer a variety of career services and workforce development opportunities for our students. These are services that assist students in developing marketable skills that will lead to jobs or careers that are sustainable and encourage self-sufficiency over time. These include: Individualized Career Planning Virtual Job Shadow Virtual Job Shadow is a tool that we use to track your goals and store your employment materials – like your résumés, cover letters, and...

2303 14th Street NW, Washington, DC 20009, US (202) 626-0700

Category: Work Education

Eligibility: Parents Women/Girls

Classes and Groups by Mamatoto Village

Mamatoto Village provides a variety of classes that can assist you in almost every aspect of the pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. Sharing information in small class settings, our instructors are certified, knowledgeable and experienced. More than just a useful source of evidence based information, Mamatoto Village Childbirth Classes provide a source of preparation, learning, relaxation, discovery and support.

311 47th Street NE, Washington, DC 20019, US (202) 248-2877, (202) 248-3434

Category: Care

Eligibility: Parents Pregnant

College Readiness Workshops by Generation Hope

● College access for teen parents ● Free and flexible to needs of your program ● English/Spanish ● Types of colleges ● Financial Aid ● Generation Hope Scholarship program ● Hear from a teen parent in college ● College resources and flyer

Category: Help Find School Education

Eligibility: Parents Age Group Role Teens (13-19)

DC Healthy Start by DC Department of Health (DC Health)

DC Healthy Start is a federally funded program for the residents of the District of Columbia that provides support and referrals for services and resources for all women, parents and infants up to 2 years of age. The program aims to improve birth outcomes for infants and women of child bearing age. You can receive the following services through DC Healthy Start: - Care Coordination/Case Management Services - Reproductive Life Planning - Health Education - Health and Wellness...

899 N Capitol St NE, Washington, DC 20002, US (202) 442-5955

899 North Capitol St NE, Washington, DC 20002, US 202-442-5955, 202-442-4795

Category: Understand Mental Health Mental Health Evaluation One-on-One Support Health Education Family Planning Home Visiting Navigating the System Pregnancy Tests Parenting Education Health Care Disability Screening Education

Eligibility: Young Adults (20-30) Parents Pregnant Age Group Families With Children Health Conditions Household Role Infants and Toddlers (0-2) Teens (13-19) Adults (31-54)

EmpowerGenerations by YWCA National Capital Area

*Not currently active.* When we work with parents and children together, we can strengthen the family unit. Ultimately, this approach helps break cycles of generational poverty. In addition to creating spaces for families to spend constructive time together, we offer both parents and youth workshops and experiences to strengthen “protective factors”, including: Family communication and boundary setting Managing and avoiding peer pressure and risky behavior Setting goals...

2303 14th Street NW, Washington, DC 20009, US (202) 626-0700

Eligibility: Parents Age Group Household Role Women/Girls Teens (13-19) Gender Families

English Classes by Mary's Center

Free English Classes for DC Parents DC parents can take advantage of free English classes through our trusted partner, Briya Public Charter School! Course details are below: All levels are welcome – beginner to advanced Adult students must live in DC and have a child/children ages 0-12. Parents and young children learn together; while parents learn English and other skills, young children attend the Briya early childhood program Program has open enrollment and weekly...

1060 Brentwood Road NE, Washington, DC 20018 (202) 483-8196, (202) 232-6679

Category: Education

Eligibility: Parents

Family Visiting Program by Martha's Table

We are committed to ensuring parents and caregivers are both supported and supportive. Our Family Engagement program helps strengthen the home-school relationship for our students and connects caregivers to critical resources. All parents deserve a strong support network–we encourage family success through programming that centers on caregivers. For Families with Enrolled Children: We offer a flexible, monthly family visiting program during the first two years of your child’s...


Category: Education

Eligibility: Parents Families

Future Teen Parent Program (FTPP) by National Center for Children and Families

The FutureBound Teen Parent Program is an apartment-based independent living program that provides 24-hour comprehensive supervision and teaches concrete life skills to adolescent parents, ages 16 – 20, and is designed to help create positive outcomes for both the single parent and their young child. Founded on empathy, learning, caring and bonding, FTPP’s Nurturing Parent Program model is trauma-informed, family-centered and evidence-based. Through this model, FTPP enhances...

Category: Specialized Therapy Care

Eligibility: Parents Women/Girls Teens (13-19)

Healthy Generations Program by Children's National Hospital

The Healthy Generations Program is a teen parenting program that strives to provide comprehensive, family-centered health care for teen parents and your children. The program goals are to: Improve health, developmental and behavioral outcomes Nurture positive parenting skills Support your educational and career goals Strengthen relationships Support family planning Support your responsible sexual decision-making We currently serve over 300 teen-headed families at four primary...

Category: Health Education Family Planning Women's Health Parenting Education Sexual & Reproductive Health Health Care Education

Eligibility: Parents Age Group Role Teens (13-19)

Help Me Grow DC by DC Department of Health (DC Health)

Help Me Grow District of Columbia (HMG DC) promotes healthy development for children and to support healthy birth for pregnant mothers in the District of Columbia. HMG DC is a unique, comprehensive, and integrated district-wide system designed to address the need for perinatal supports, early identification of developmental and/or behavioral concerns, and then to link mother’s, children, and their families to community-based developmental and behavioral services and supports. The...

899 North Capitol St NE, Washington, DC 20002, US 202-442-5955, 202-442-4795

Category: Navigating the System Understand Disability Understand Government Programs Legal Health Care Disability Screening Education

Eligibility: Parents Pregnant Geography Disability Age Group DC Resident Health Conditions Household Role Infants and Toddlers (0-2) Young Children (3-5) Families Developmental Disability

Initiative Workshop by Total Family Care Coalition

We teach fathers and teen dads how to be a part of their child’s life. Coach, educate and support fathers and teen dads with parenting skills. This program also helps identify community resources for their well-being. (previously called Fatherhood Initiative Workshop?)

Category: Parenting Education Education

Eligibility: Parents Role Fathers

Martha's Outfitters by Martha's Table

Martha’s Outfitters is an innovative community store focused on supporting families. Outfitters patrons shop at no cost through a monthly credit program. Operations at Martha’s Outfitters are temporarily suspended due to COVID-19. Please bring all donations to either The Maycroft in NW DC or The Commons in SE DC during regular business hours. To be eligible for Martha’s Outfitters, patrons must be either: Neighborhood caregivers of individuals age 21 and under Emancipated...


Category: Goods

Eligibility: Caregivers Young Adults (20-30) Youth (6-12) Teens (13-19)

Martha's Table's Baby & Me Early Parenting Program by Martha's Table

Martha’s Table’s Early Parenting Program supports expectant mothers and those who are instrumental in the life and well-being of a newborn. Enrolled participants set goals for their growing families and learn skills for supporting their child’s development.


Category: Family Planning Parenting Education Education

Eligibility: Parents Geography Mothers with Young Children Age Group Role Fathers Infants and Toddlers (0-2) Ward 8 Resident Mothers

Mary Elizabeth House by Mary Elizabeth House

We provide life-skills training and support for young mothers who are in or have aged-out of the child welfare system. All of our young mothers have experienced family disruption and a host of other challenges that substantially impact their lives. The Mary Elizabeth House commitment is to guide and support young women so that they become loving and nurturing parents, and empowered young women – intellectually, economically, socially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically...

Category: Spiritual Support Preschool Counseling Residential Housing Housing Help Find School Daily Life Skills Parenting Education Health Care Education

Eligibility: Guardianship Mothers with Young Children Role Women/Girls Gender Mothers Foster Youth

Mother's Rising Home Visitation Program by Mamatoto Village

The Mother's Rising Home Visitation Program provides expectant and new mothers with expansive ancillary and wraparound services during the perinatal period. Working with a care team, program participants receive perinatal health education, support with social service needs, care coordination, advocacy, and parenting support during their pregnancy and throughout the infant’s first three months of life. MRHV will provide the following health and wellness interventions to expectant...

311 47th Street NE, Washington, DC 20019, US (202) 248-2877, (202) 248-3434

Category: Care

Eligibility: Parents Pregnant

Muriel House by Healthy Babies Project

Muriel House is a transitional home in southeast D.C. It provides short-term crisis housing for homeless or transient pregnant and parenting youth as they work towards the goals of healthy birth outcomes and independent living or reunification with their families.

Category: Emergency Shelter Short-Term Housing Housing

Eligibility: Pregnant Mothers with Young Children Age Group Health Conditions Role Homeless Teens (13-19) Housing Status Near Homeless

New Parent Support by Community of Hope

Moms and dads of children under three can benefit from our Healthy Start Program. These free services provide pregnant women, new moms and their families with the support and encouragement they need. We help you strengthen the bond between you and your child right in your home. We come to you! With Healthy Start, you will receive: Educational and fun home visit sessions (for those who qualify) Support for when you feel tired or worried Tips on how to care for and bond with your......

801 17th Street, NE , Washington, DC 20002, US (202) 398-5520

Category: Care

Eligibility: Parents Health Conditions

Newborn Screening by DC Department of Health (DC Health)

DOH administers two newborn screening programs to ensure that all infants are screened. Newborn screening is quick and easy - requiring only a hearing test and blood tests - and is performed soon after a baby’s birth, and in most cases, while the baby is still in the hospital. We provide the following screening programs: - Newborn Metabolic Screening Program is designed to ensure that all infants born in the District of Columbia are screened for genetic and metabolic disorders...

Category: Navigating the System Understand Disability Health Care Disability Screening Education

Eligibility: Parents Geography Age Group DC Resident Families With Children Household Role Infants and Toddlers (0-2)

Next Generation Academy by Generation Hope

Next Generation Academy provides support for Scholars’ children through age 7. Scholars participating in Next Generation Academy receive: • Monthly literacy-based home visiting and free books • $200/month towards the cost of childcare • Developmental screenings for children • Access to additional resources • Monthly parent support workshops Scholars are eligible for Next Generation Academy after one year in the Generation Hope program.

Category: Checkup & Test Help Pay for Childcare Parenting Education Health Money Education Books

Eligibility: Young Adults (20-30) Parents Citizenship Education Status Age Group Enrolled in College U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident Role Teens (13-19)

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