Greentree Shelter (GTS)

Organization: National Center for Children and Families

The Greentree Shelter (GTS) is the largest emergency family shelter in Maryland’s Montgomery County. GTS receives children and their parents facing sudden homelessness. Serving county residents since 1983, GTS annually provides 115 children and their parents the support needed to overcome homelessness with short-term stable housing, food, and the support systems necessary to regain their footing and rebuild their lives.

To combat the long-lasting social and psychological impacts of homelessness on children, and NCCF utilizes a child-centered approach. GTS provides wraparound support through community partnerships and collaborations with over 300 volunteers annually to ensure families are enriched by opportunities to achieve their goals. During times of uncertainty, children are able to experience the joys of childhood through activities provided by volunteers. Our volunteers facilitate experiences such as pizza and movie nights, birthday parties, bowling nights. GTS also offers an onsite playground built by a group of dedicated volunteers. Moreover, GTS is the only shelter for homeless families in Montgomery County with an on-site structured childcare center and therapeutic child access capability.

Families transition out of GTS with stable housing, enhanced self-esteem, improved and varied life skills, and healthier relationships, all of which help them to avoid becoming homeless again. Support services include counseling, parent education, life skills training, after-school tutoring, substance abuse education and prevention, GED classes, computer training, and employment assistance.

NCCF Greentree Center

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