Betty's House Program

Organization: National Center for Children and Families

The Betty’s House Program provides transitional supportive housing for homeless US born children and their immigrant mothers, who are fleeing domestic violence, while acquiring legal status to avoid returning to their abusers. NCCF annually houses 12 children and their mothers in undisclosed locations within the beautiful residential communities of Montgomery County, Maryland.

Through the support of NCCF staff and volunteers, the program model offers mothers the opportunity to live cooperatively together and to build longstanding positive relationships with other mothers, who become a circle of support to each other. The mothers often care for each other’s children, share recipes, and encourage their children to develop friendships with each other. Volunteers provide meals, access to community outings, tutoring, birthday presents, holiday parties, and translation and legal services to support these families as they work towards self-sufficiency.

Participants are offered up to 24 months of communal housing, case management, linkages to legal services, immigration resources, supportive services, six months of aftercare services, including monthly contact with Betty’s House staff if needed, continued access to Dr. C’s Boutique, and linkages to community resources as needed.

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