Re-entry Program

Organization: Thrive DC

Men and women are released every day from jails and prisons without food, clothing, or support.

Thrive DC provides all of this without restrictions on sobriety, without time limits, and without judgment over their conviction.

The New Directions Re-entry Program is designed to assist people who have been recently incarcerated and/or released from jail or prison, back on the road to becoming successful returning citizens.

It consists of five components:

Case Management
Basic Needs Assistance (meals, toiletries, clothing, etc)
Life Skills Education
Access to Sobriety Maintenance Assistance and Support
Employment Assistance
Program Benefits
Participating in New Directions receive the following benefits:

Transportation Assistance
Small Stipend
Access to One of Two Training Programs:
Customer Service Training And Certification, or
Real Opportunity Job Training
Life Skills Education
Our re-entry curriculum focuses on maintaining and developing life skills, getting back to work, and re-integrating with your family and community. Groups are interactive and include goal setting, listening and communication skills, healthy relationships, and “sustaining the change.”

“My father notices a different in me when I come back from meeting with you at Thrive DC.”

Employment Support and Job Search Workshops for Returning Citizens
Workshops focus on job readiness as well as job search techniques. Participants will also be required to complete a resume and perform mock interviews.

St. Steven Episcopal Church

1525 Newton St NW, Washington, DC 20010, US
(202) 232-0900

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