Real Opportunities Training Program

Organization: Thrive DC

Thrive DC is proud to provide a program that works with individuals who are facing major barriers to employment. We help clients train for a new culinary career who are overcoming anything from homelessness, a long history of joblessness, to substance abuse, and felony convictions.

When given the opportunity clients are dedicated to putting in the work, we can help them jump start their careers again and be their mentors during the process.

Real Opp GraduationA Job Program That Works
Our Real Opportunity Training Program (Real Opps) is an 18 week program with intensive case management to overcome major challenges. It’s broken down into two sections:

6 weeks of soft skills development and training as a chef alongside Thrive DC’s kitchen staff
12 week externship at a local restaurant
Near the end of training clients will also have the opportunity to test for a Food Handler’s License.

Real Opps is designed for the individual who wants to make a real change in their lives. Individuals must be committed to the program for 18 weeks. To support that commitment, Thrive DC will provide a small stipend to all participants. For those who complete the program, achieving their goals is very possible!

Many individuals are hired directly by the restaurants they extern at, and for those who aren’t, they have the foundational skills and good references to be an asset at any kitchen in the city.

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